Our Universal multi-HVAC monitoring and control solution is OEM/vendor neutral (AIRSYS, Bard, Marvair, etc.)  It provides in-depth visibility of:

  • Energy Utilization & trending
  • Optimal Resource Utilization based on the temperatures for efficiency
  • Remotely managing temperature set points
  • Automatic fan speed based on indoor & outdoor temperature
  • Filter clog status for scheduled maintenance
  • Humidity & Zone-based controls
  • Lead/Lag & Multi-HVAC sequencing for equal utilization of HVAC
  • Action on Fire, Hydrogen & Water leaks using specialized sensors
  • Air handling unit control based on multi-sensor inputs
Our Free Air-Cooling / Economizer solution helps reduce energy consumption by minimizing the air conditioning and heating.  It’s proven to reduce site energy cost by 20% -35%.